Warlock Tower Defence (2014)


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Classical Tower Defence game providing a fast paced, intuitive and increasingly challenging campaign spanning 20 chapters spread across 4 acts in the first game by new developer Snowdon Games.
• Ad supported version, all content included
• 18 Different towers from 6 element types and 3 range modifiers
• Infinite tower upgrades
• 20 Levels set in 4 different environments
• 7 Classic fantasy enemy types
• 5 Music tracks
• 3 Different game speed settings

Technical Support

If the game crashes mid play (for example when a new wave is spawned) the problem is most likely due to your android device running out of memory, usually due to background apps using up all your memory, to solve either turn off background apps or restart your device to clear the used memory.

If the game crashes on start up, or you have tried the steps above but are experiencing persistant crashes for example on particular levels, this is mostly likely due to a corrupted installation of the game, Android appears to lack any kind of data intergrity check when downloading or installing apps making damaged installations a common problem on Android, to fix uninstall/remove app from your device and redownload the game and reinstall the game.

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