Dust and Echos: Vengeance

(previously named EndGame)

Dust and Echos: Vengeance is available on Steam.

After a border conflict errupts into a full blown war, retired air force captain James Warren is consripted back into the military. As the war reaches it's climax and peace is visible on the horizen an unexpected aggressor arrives and changes the course of human history forever, leading captain James Warren down a path of reckless revenge.

Unlike most conveyor belt side scrolling shooter type games Dust and Echos: Vengeance can be played and beaten more like an RPG than a pure reflex based bullet hell.
If a level is too hard a player can repeat the level to earn new equipment for their ship and then beat that level with their increased combat statistics. However players with better skill will find grinding largely unnecessary.

This balance choice was made to both make the game more interesting with meaningful player choices and also to make the game more accessible to the average players than the traditional bullet hell games.

5 Chapters
41 levels
5 Playable ships
Randomised loot

Developed in Unity

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